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These are not your average speakers. They were designed to be as much a timeless interior design object as a great sounding piece of electronics.

The speakers have been carefully considered down to the last detail to ensure quality and functionality, but they also carry a hidden mission - they want to radically change and clean up the dirty consumer electronics industry that is currently trashing our planet.


The Transparent Speakers are designed to work with any phone or system, but also to work over time as technology evolves.

Both speakers come with Bluetooth®, the simplest and most widely used wireless standard, but they can also be further customised to stream music over Wifi, if preferred as a multi-room system. We currently recommend the Google Chromecast Audio® which can be hidden inside our speakers and be powered by USB. It is small, low cost and available almost anywhere.

The original Transparent Speaker can also host an Apple Airport Express® in the back for users that want to use the Apple Wifi system foir their music. The Airport will extend the Wifi for a more reliable wireless playback if used far away from the home router, it will get power from our speaker so all cables will be hidden. It can also be used as a multi room solution with the help of apps such as Airfoil®.

One reason some people prefer playing over Wifi is that the music wont be interrupted by incoming phone calls.

The Bluetooth connection is set up like any Bluetooth accessory by pressing the pairing button on the speaker and in the phone settings. Both the Chromecast and Apple customisations are set up by these companies own apps and setting panels.

Note: Chromecast or Airport Express not included.

Long Lasting Values

The Transparent Speaker have an ambitious goal to change the polluting and wasteful consumer product industry towards a sustainable, closed-loop system.

The high quality build and timeless design gives them a potential to transcend trends, and live for long time. But there is more to these products than meets the eye. The construction is completely modular, which means all parts can be individually replaced, updated, repaired or recycled. In a world where tech changes fast, this is a way to future proof our speakers. If for example a new wireless standard becomes important, we can let our customers upgrade only this small part, and not throw away the entire product.

We want to end the throwaway consumer culture for good. We ultimately believe products should become better over time, and potentially live forever.