Intro: The original Transparent Speaker is built by high quality materials and components. It’s size and performance is sufficient to fill any living room with loud and great sounding music. BASS, TREBLE AND VOLUME ADJUSTMENT ON FRONT PANEL

This speaker has been praised for its design and its audio quality. Rich bass, clear mid range and crisp highs, our speaker aims to produce a “transparent sound”, which means to have a neutral tuning and stay true to the recording. The front panel does however offer controls for any further adjustments, seems like some people need a bit more bass in their lives.
Photos: 2 × 3’’ FULL RANGE DRIVERS
Sidebar text: A beautiful Transparent Speaker with high quality audio components and materials. Sustainable design created for today's music lover.
Tech Specs: - Dimensions (mm): 420 × 330 × 106
- Weight: 11 kg
- L/R Drivers: 2 × 3’’ (Full Range)
- Woofer: 1 × 6.5’’
- Amplifier: Built in (Active)
- Output power: 80 - 100 W
- Sealed Cabinet Volume: 10,2 l
- Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 20 Khz ±5Db
- High Quality Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
- Front Controls: Bass, Treble and Volume
- Line in: 2 x 3,5mm (front and back)
- Usb Power Out Socket In Back
- Cables: 2 X Audio Cables (long and short), 2 - X Power Cables (mains and USB)
- Wireless: Bluetooth (dongle preinstalled in back) “Toaster Slot” with power supply in back (Apple Airport Express not included)
- Wall Mount: Brackets and screws included