Header: A rich, premium audio experience.
Intro: Transparent Speaker uses premium audio components. A solid, dance floor starting, low end is delivered by a 6.5-inch subwoofer. The two 3-inch full-range stereo drivers give crispy highs and punchy mid-tones.

Its built-in amplifier features embedded digital signal processing (DSP) that translates into a rich, full, balanced sound on par with audio systems above its own category. It has a "toaster slot" on the back that perfectly fits Apples Airport Express our Googles Chromecast Audio dongle for high resolution music over Wi-Fi.BASS, TREBLE AND VOLUME ADJUSTMENT ON FRONT PANEL

More than just a pretty case.

Transparent Speaker's technical and design considerations go far beyond its clean exterior. It's built to last a lifetime and if a component needs changing everything's nice and easy to replace with a little IKEA-wrench tool that sits on the back. It's been specifically crafted and specced as a speaker for the future yet, paradoxically, something that slots into your life as if it's always been there.
Sidebar text: A beautiful Transparent Speaker with high quality audio components and materials. Sustainable design created for today's music lover.
Tech Specs: ·Dimensions (Mm): 420 × 330 × 106
·2 × 3'' Full Range Drivers 1 × 6.5''
·Woofer Output: 80—100 W
·Sealed Cabinet Volume: 10,2 L
·Frequency Response: 35 Hz — 20 Khz ±5Db
·High Quality Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
·Bass, Treble And Volume Adjustment
·2 X Aux In (Front And Back)
·Power Out Cable In Back
·Usb Power Out Socket In Back
·“Toaster Slot” For Apple Airport Express (Not Included)